Independent, same day, dedicated vehicle courier service based in Didcot, Oxfordshire

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About Moja Couriers

Moja Couriers specializes in the dedicated transportation of unusual payloads requiring careful attention to handling and securing; or items that just won't go in a box. These include delicate scientific apparatus; precision engineered components; and works of art.

Of course, run-of-the-mill items from palletised goods to small packets for urgent delivery also receive the same high standards of quality of care and levels of attention during transport.

Same day service

Our service and pricing is based upon 'same day' collection and delivery. However, in some circumstances we will collect goods requiring early morning delivery up to 12 hours beforehand.

Quality of Service

Whilst Moja Couriers is carrying your goods or documents we take the view that we are not just a courier but that we have a responsibility as your representative.

We therefore strive to execute that duty in full and to guarantee satisfaction at both ends of the journey.

We believe Moja clients keep coming back because they know the job will get done and can rely on being kept informed of progress throughout the journey, with a final call confirming safe delivery.

Go to the Clients & Loads gallery to see a selection from our client list and some of the items transported.

Dedicated driver & vehicle

Moja Couriers does not work as part of a delivery "hub", so you can be assured that your goods or documents will be safely, securely and confidentially delivered hand-to-hand by the person who collects them.

Read more about the van specification here.

Centrally located in the UK, Didcot affords easy access to the A34 north-south corridor; onward northern access via M42 / M6 routes; and east-west communications via the M4 and M40 putting London within reach in under an hour.


Any goods in transit with Moja Couriers are automatically insured up to £25,000. Please advise us if you require insurance in excess of this as we will have to make special arrangements.

Dangerous Goods

Sorry, but we don't carry HazChem or other Dangerous Goods as defined by ADR legislation.